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Owning human's best friend comes with an onus of providing an ideal shelter for all seasons to ensure that it is healthy and safe. Some dog owners allow their dogs indoors. But some of them do not prefer to have them indoors because dogs often leave fur or fleas on the floor or destroy furniture and fixtures. If you prefer to have your dog live outdoors, then you need to build a comfortable shelter for it. Read on to get a few hints about the factors you should consider when building dog houses. Read more great facts on cat house for sale, click here. 




A dog house should be the size that fits your dog. It should have ample space within which a dog can move, stretch out, play a little and rest. Therefore, the actual size of your dog house should be determined by the mature size of your dog, and this is dependent on the dog's breed. The dog house should thus have a standing and sleeping position allowance of about 1/3 of the dog's size when standing or sleeping. To determine the required kennel size, measure the height and length of your dog when it is standing and sleeping. Take a look at this link for more information. 




In cold or hot seasons the dog house may get too cold or too hot depending on whether it has insulation or not. It is ideal to raise the dog's house from the ground to prevent cold or heat from the ground from reaching the dog's house. As such, you should leave some allowance from the ground and if possible insulate the house using warm mats, which can warm up the house in the cold season and be removed to prevent a lot of heat in the hot seasons. Raising the dog kennel above the ground also allows water to flow beneath the kennel without making it wet.


Air circulation 


It is prudent to leave some ventilation outlets and inlets. These will facilitate air flow and make sure that the dog does not suffocate or leave under stuffy conditions, which may encourage the growth of molds and other fungal spores.


Wind direction


It is ideal to make a dog kennel that faces the opposite directions of both wind and the sun to maximize air flow and natural warming from the sun.


Floor and roofing


It is best to build a retractable slanted kennel floor, which is easy to clean. Such a floor could easily be removed and cleaned without a hassle. It is also advisable to create a hinged roof that can be opened from the top to facilitate easy cleaning of the dog kennel.